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Nuclear Fascism


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The Cult Of Nuclear Fascism Has Arrived!

バイ ギャリー·グリーンウッド
by Garry Greenwood

かつて日本の首相、石原慎太郎ことを傾け、首都圏地域の長年の市長だった。 彼は、2000万人以上の人々の人口密度の高い地域を治めた。 彼は論争のビットを愛している。 彼は、すべての外国人を呼び出し、 日本 「ニガー」。

Once tipped to be a Japanese Prime Minister, Shintaro Ishihara, was the long-standing Mayor of the greater Tokyo region. He reigned over a densely populated region of over 20 million people. He loves a bit of controversy. He calls all foreigners in Japan 'niggers'.

彼は最近の最近の壊滅的な2011年3月の津波と宣言 日本 なぜなら日本の人々の集合的な欲の神からの警告だった。 神はその日、本当に不幸だった。 彼は、自分の妊娠可能日を過ぎて住む女性は罪深いと語る。 彼はまた言う 日本 その平和主義戦後憲法と再アーム自体を不要とすべきである。

He recently declared that the recent devastating March 2011 tsunami in Japan was a warning from god because of the Japanese peoples' collective greed. God was truly unhappy that day. He says women who live past their childbearing days are sinful. He also says Japan should dispense with its pacifist post-war constitution and re-arm itself.

彼はたくさんのことを言います。 彼は炎症性および超国家主義の本、エッセイ、スピーチ、行動や感情のために有名です。 彼は、ニュースでしばしばだと彼は歴史を持っている。

He says a lot of things. He's famous for his inflammatory and ultra-nationalist books, essays, speeches, activism and sentiments. He's often in the news and he's got history.

それは彼が資本家であった殺人オウム真理教に政治的支援を与えたことが明らかになったとき、彼が突然、彼の議会の席を辞任-に致命的なサリンをリリースカルト 東京 数十人が死亡し、数千人を負傷した1995年の地下鉄 東京 通勤。

He unexpectedly resigned from his parliamentary seat when it was revealed that he was a financier and gave political support to the murderous Aum Shinrikyo cult - the cult that released deadly sarin gas in the Tokyo subway in 1995 which killed dozens and injured thousands of Tokyo commuters.

それは、オウム真理教の教団は資金繰りが苦しいから核兵器やその他の武器を調達し、計画されたグローバルなハルマゲドンをもたらすために、おそらくソ連帝国の崩壊しつつれた時間でした。 これは十分に立証されている。 それは周知の事実だ。

It was a time when the Aum cult was procuring nuclear weaponry and other arms from the cash-strapped and crumbling Soviet Empire supposedly to bring about a planned global Armageddon. This is well documented. It's a known fact.

彼は今、日本の神天皇の神聖なリーダーシップの下で世界的な神権政治、すなわち、再主張する日本の国際優位性を認知するように求めている日本の強硬超民族主義者、新修復党のグループをリードして、何か日本の軍国主義者WW私大戦中達成しようとした そのキャッチ叫びは昔も今も宗教/政治家がグローバル日本神権政治のために話すある「 一つ屋根の下にすべての世界です。

He now leads a group of Japanese hard-line ultra-nationalists, the New Restoration Party, who are wanting to re-assert Japan's perceived global superiority, ie a global theocracy under the divine leadership of the Japanese God Emperor; something that the Japanese militarists tried to achieve during WW I I. Their catch cry was and still is ' all the world under the one roof' which is religion/politico speak for a global Japanese theocracy.

日本の米課さ戦後平和憲法は単なる自己防衛力で間に合わせた代わりに、攻撃的な軍事力を持っていることから、それらを禁止しています。 これらの強硬派がもたらすするので、どのようにそれはこれまで可能であろう 日本 杭の上部にある者の正当な位置?

Japan's US-imposed post-war pacifist constitution prohibits them from having an offensive military force, having instead to make do with just a mere self-defense force. So how could it ever be possible for these hard-liners to bring about Japan 's rightful position at the top of the pile?

 Enter Shintaro Ishihara.

あなたは、この一年かそこらのメディアで目撃したことがあり、南シナ海の小さな釣魚島の所有権を巡る日本と中国の間で上昇緊張。 両国は、所有権を主張し、挑発し、うまくいけばの軍事行動のいくつかのフォームをもたらすためにしている 中国 石原慎太郎のリーダーシップの下、これらの日本の強硬派は、最近、これらの係争の島を占領した。

You may have witnessed in the media this past year or so the rising tensions between Japan and China over ownership of the tiny Diaoyu Islands in the South China Sea. Both nations are claiming ownership and in order to provoke and hopefully bring about some form of military action from China these Japanese hard-liners, under the leadership of Shintaro Ishihara recently occupied these disputed islands.

再点火この年齢にわたる紛争に彼の行動を正当化するために石原慎太郎氏はまた、所有権を主張し、日本の家族からの島を購入しようとした現金の膨大な量のコレクションのために配置。 最終的には、日本政府が介入し、さらに多くの量のために、代わりにそれらを買った-主に津波救済基金の3000万ドルドルを。

To legitimize his actions in re-igniting this age-long dispute Shintaro Ishihara arranged for the collection of a massive amount of cash with which he was going to purchase the islands from a Japanese family who also claims ownership. In the end the Japanese government stepped in and bought them instead for an even greater amount - $30 million dollars of mainly Tsunami relief funds.

当然のことながら、これは中国政府には終わり炎症していないと状況がIshirahaと超民族主義者の彼のバンドは期待していただけのようにエスカレートし続けています。 しかし、なぜ石原と超民族主義者の彼のバンドは、中国との戦争やハルマゲドンの瀬戸際に自分の国を取りたいでしょうか?

Naturally, this has inflamed the Chinese government no end and the situation continues to escalate just as Ishiraha and his band of ultra-nationalists had hoped. But why would Ishihara and his band of ultra-nationalists want to take their nation to the brink of a war or Armageddon with China?


With much of the Japanese population now up in arms, so to speak, at China's threats, and with Japan's business interests within China as well as its Japanese citizens also within China under threat it's easy for the Japanese people to now see China as the bad guy who is threatening them.


This now gives further legitimacy to the Japanese ultra-nationals' cry to change their pacifist post-war constitution and to allow them to once again establish an offensive military force - this is their raison d'etre. This is their ace card and once it's dealt, Shintaro Ishihara and his supporters are then free to further ignite and fan their absurd and deadly aims of global supremacy proceeded by their greatly-anticipated Armageddon.


Of course if the US could be drawn into the melee: all the better, as what better way to satisfy their long-standing revenge for their humiliating defeat brought about by the US atomic bombs dropped on sacred Japanese soil than by having the US in a conflict with China, too.

私は何年もの間一度強毒性日本の新時代のオカルトカルト中の高官だったし、このすべてがアップ接続する方法を、よりをお知りになりたい場合はアクセスしてください すべての皇帝の男性を (私の電子書籍)。 この急速に成長している最悪のカルトの創設者であり、第一人者石原の側近と個人的な友人の一人であった。

I was once a high-ranking official in a virulent Japanese new-age occult cult for many years and if you want to know more and how this all connects up please visit All The Emperor's Men (my e-book). The founder and guru of this rapidly growing doomsday cult was one of Ishihara's closest associates and personal friend.

教祖はどちらも同じ高貴な目的やイデオロギーを共有したか皆に思い出させるため、教祖は個人的にカルトに彼を開始した。 実際、カルトの日本のメンバーは、石原の著作を研究し、石原の息子、信輝石原与党DLP(自民党)党の高位メンバーは、この右翼オカルトカルトのメンバーであり、彼の非道なイデオロギーなどを採用することを奨励されています。

The guru personally initiated him into the cult since the guru would remind everyone how they both shared the same noble aims and ideologies. In fact Japanese members of the cult are encouraged to study Ishihara's writings and adopt his outrageous ideology, etc. Ishihara's son, Nobuteru Ishihara, a high-ranking member of the ruling DLP party, is also a member of this right-wing occult cult.

このカルトは、一番右側の翼や日本社会や政府内ファシスト拡大のためのPR、採用機器の一種とし ​​ての両方を務め言うことができる。 私は日本の政治家の数十時十人が私の教団の指導者から聴衆と祝福を求めてキューに入れ、ここカルトの集まりの多くに出席したので、私は、知っている。

You could say this cult acted both as a kind of PR and recruitment instrument for far right wing or fascist expansion within Japanese society and government. I know, since I attended many of the cult's gatherings wherein dozens upon dozens of Japanese politicians would queue seeking audience and a blessing from my cult's leader.


An important theme which weaves itself throughout the cult, its teachings and which shapes its activities is its imminent and eagerly awaited Armageddon: the sooner the better

我々は、すべて私たちだけ、そのメンバーは、忠実な支持者が生き残るためには、日本、神々は、もともと地上に降りた土地の国は啓発に人類の残りの部分を生き残るためには、案内することをすることを信じるように教え込まれた。 成長した超国家主義のパレットに送達この上記のテーマは確かに致命的なカクテルを作る-私たちはすぐに見るように。

We were all indoctrinated into believing that only we, its members and faithful supporters would survive and that the nation of Japan, the land where the Gods originally descended upon earth would survive and guide the rest of humanity to enlightenment. This aforementioned theme when served upon a palette of growing ultra-nationalism makes a lethal cocktail indeed – as we will shortly see.


After I deserted/escaped the doomsday cult I discovered how my ex-guru had been a fanatical militarist, a personal body guard to Emperor Hirohito, owned a military aircraft factory and was a key figure in the infamous Rape of Nanjing by his own admission, which, incidentally, Shintaro Ishihara publically claims never happened and is simply a Chinese fabrication: this is in spite of the fact that my ex-guru boasts of his important role in its orchestration and his participation in it.


I've recently learnt how the co-founder of this cult is a convicted war criminal for which he received the death penalty – later commuted along with the rest of the sentenced-to-death war criminals. This co-founder was sentenced because of his involvement in the execution of 23 US airmen after the armistice was signed.


This co-founder was sentenced because of his involvement in the execution of 23 US airmen after the armistice was signed.

あなたはこれらの人々は、少なくとも、怪物だったと彼は私にとても親切に、これまでに微笑んだように、私は今でも鮮明にこのモンスターの手を振って覚えて言うことができる。 どのように私は今まで、このすべてに巻き込ましまった今信じられないようだ-しかし、我々はすべてのいくつかの死霊グループまたは他にも参加したときに70年代にあった覚えています。

You could say these people, at the very least, were monsters and I still vividly remember shaking this monster's hand as he smiled ever so graciously at me. How I ever got mixed up in all this now seems beyond belief – but remember it was in the 70's when we all joined some wacko group or other.

私はちょうど別の愚か新しいAGERた。 幸いなことに、私は生存し、来て何であるかを警告することができるしています。 すなわち横行日本のファシズムとそれが私たちのすべてに意味:私は技術、危険と関係するすべての人々の願望を洗脳、ゆがんだ考え方に非常に精通していますので、私は唯一の純粋にあなたと一緒にこの最悪のカルト以内に私の経験を再集計しています。

Fortunately, I survived and am able to warn of what is to come. I am only recounting my experiences within this doomsday cult with you purely because I am very familiar with the warped mindset, brainwashing techniques, dangers and aspirations of all those involved: namely rampant Japanese fascism and what it means to all of us.


Japan's latest Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, grandson of the infamous warlord and suspected World War II criminal, Nobuseku Kishi, was also an Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult financier and shares Shintaro Ishihara's nationalistic and doomsday fanaticism.

阿部のイデオロギーの影響はまた、彼の将軍祖父から来る。 阿部も同じ黙示録的ファシストブラシでタールを塗っていると、彼と彼のDLP党(自民党)はちょうど議会を通じて効果的に国民の利益に反すると認められる任意の件名のいずれかの形式で任意の考え、コメント、出版物、プレゼンテーションや配布を禁止する新たな法案を急いできた-控えめに言っても、幅広いブラシストローク。

Abe's ideological influences also come from his warlord Grandfather. Abe is also tarred with the same apocalyptic fascist brush and he, and his DLP party have just rushed through parliament a new bill which will effectively prohibit any thoughts, comments, publication, presentation or dissemination in any form of any subject deemed against the national interest – a broad brush stroke to say the least.


Of course any thinking person will also see how the reporting of the ongoing and deadly Fukushima nuclear disaster can no longer be reported or even discussed within Japan under this new law.

良い試み、任意の厄介な問題を処理するファシスト方法をテストしましたが、単純にそこには問題がなく、これは国家検閲によって達成されることをふりをすることです。 だから今、私たちは、30年代と40年代のそれ致命的ファシスト年への日本の突然のリターンを目撃している-しかし、それはあなたと私に影響を与えるように賭けのラウンド、今回は少し高くなっています。

A good tried and tested fascist method of handling any troublesome problem is to simply pretend that there is no problem and this is achieved by state censorship. So now we are witnessing Japan's sudden return to those deadly fascist years of the 30's and 40's - but this time round the stakes are a little higher as it affects you and me.


Here, I'm assuming you are well in the know regarding the deadly radiation spewing from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant and how it will continue to do so for thousands of years into the “future”.

 あなたは通行料は、それが環境や人体への備えだと3年後に、ほとんど、あるいは何がそれについて行われているか、私たちの一部は、時々疑問に思うかもしれませんね。 支援ではなく、すべて嘘、難読化、遅延や任意の妥当な救済計画の不足のため利用可能であることを特徴なぜ、例えば、日本政府は国際社会から助けを求めないのだろうか?

 You know the toll it's having on the environment and humans and some of us might sometimes wonder why, after three years, little or nothing has been done about it. Why, for instance, won't the Japanese government seek help from the global community wherein assistance may be available instead of all the lies, obfuscation, delays and lack of any plausible rescue plan?

今では、「このすべては、単に悪い夢かもしれない」と思っても許さすることができます。 申し訳ありませんがそれだけではありません。 前述した石原慎太郎の息子、信輝石原は、、、崇教真光の上級メンバーである-のためのフィッティング役割を-彼は最近、安倍新内閣に原子炉の大臣及び環境大臣の位置を与えられたインチ私がいたカルト宣誓黙示録的カルト擁護!

By now you could be forgiven for thinking “could all this simply be a bad dream”. Sorry there's more. Shintaro Ishihara's son, Nobuteru Ishihara, mentioned earlier, is a senior member of Sukyo Mahikari, - the cult I was in. He has recently been given the ministerial position of Minister of Nuclear Reactors and Environment in Abe's new Cabinet – a fitting role for a sworn apocalyptic cult apologist!


If we reflect a little upon the a foregoing information we might begin to wonder whether the fascist monsters who are driving this divine nation of Japan and who hold their Armageddon ideology close to their hearts know something that we don't.


If we consider their unshakeable belief in the divinity of their Emperor, their chosen and protected status and their irrevocable role to place everyone (that survives) under their one big roof: we might well begin to wonder if this is their long-awaited Armageddon

しかし、すべての不幸な日本国民について、誰がすぐにそう遠くない将来、放射能中毒で死亡し始めるのだろうか? 彼らの政府はそれを許可しますか? さて、これらのモンスターの意識の中にあったこと私は私は間違いだと思います:はい! 我々はいくつかの巻き添え被害を被ることなく、私たちのハルマゲドンを持つことはできません。

But what about all the unfortunate Japanese citizens who will soon begin to die from radiation poisoning in the not too distant future? Would their government allow that? Well, having been inside the mindset of these monsters myself I would say definitely: yes! We can't have our Armageddon without suffering some collateral damage.

オンライン中利用可能な最新の放射線フロー予測グラフを見ると、この放射性死が向かっていると、次の犠牲者になる誰がどこで見ることは容易である。 私はファシストモンスターが手に負えない喜びで手を絞り出す参照してください!

Looking at the latest radiation flow prediction graphs now available online it is easy to see where this radioactive death is headed and who the next victims will be. I see the fascist monsters wringing their hands with uncontrollable glee!


Reading the warped mindset of these monsters from the deep I see that this is their long-awaited Armageddon and all they have to do is nothing – except, of course, maintain the deadly silence.


One thing we can all be sure about is that the Kamikaze – the divine wind will soon visit us all.

幸運の皆。 続けて... パート2
Good luck everyone. Continues... PART 2

ギャリー·グリーンウッド。 2013年12月6日。
Garry Greenwood. December 6, 2013.


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