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Reduce Human Beings by 90 Percent


 Reduce Human Beings by 90 Percent

Reduce Human Beings by 90 Percent to Solve Environmental Woes, Says Scientist



A professor at the University of Texas at Austin believes planet Earth would be better off if Mother Nature simply killed off 90 percent of the human population—and he predicts that is exactly what will happen in the not-too-distant future.

教授エリックピアンカ、爬虫両生類学および科学のテキサスアカデミーによって2006識別テキサス科学者に選ばれました進化生態学の専門家によると、人間は地球を残して、限界点に地球の天然資源を緊張している」乾いた。 "

According to Professor Eric Pianka, a specialist in herpetology and evolutionary ecology who was named the 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist by the Texas Academy of Science, human beings have strained Earth's natural resources to the breaking point, leaving the planet “parched.”


Pianka believes the solution to this crisis is to eliminate the cause, by decreasing the number of human beings living on Earth from 6.5 billion to around 700 million—a 90 percent reduction. Pianka is convinced that Nature eventually will exterminate the majority of humans through widespread disease or other effects of global warming—and he seems delighted at the prospect.

「これは本当にエキサイティングな時間です​​」と彼は人口過剰や環境への過剰な要求の危険性についての意識を高めるように設計されて彼の "最悪の話、 「最近のプレゼンテーションで聴衆に語った。

“This is really an exciting time,” he told the audience at a recent presentation of his “doomsday talk,” which is designed to raise awareness about the dangers of overpopulation and excess demands on the environment.

「生き残るために取得する必要の各1は、9を埋める必要があります。「 誰もが広範囲に死と破壊の見通しでピアンカとしてそれほど大喜びです。

“Every one of you who gets to survive has to bury nine.” Not everyone is quite so gleeful as Pianka at the prospect of widespread death and destruction.

一部の批評家が「緩い大砲」ピアンカと呼ばれており、彼らが考えるもの提唱のために彼を非難している」世界的に大量虐殺。」によるとピアンカはWikipediaの記事、彼は「生物テロを扇動」したことを国土安全保障省に報告することにつながった米連邦捜査局(FBI)とのインタビュー。 あなたはどう思いますか?

Some critics have called Pianka a “loose cannon” and have slammed him for advocating what they consider “worldwide genocide.” According to a Wikipedia article about Pianka , a report to the Department of Homeland Security that he was “fomenting bioterrorism” led to an interview with the FBI. What do you think?

アンカの考えは愚かなまたは危険な、音がしていますか?フォーラムの議論に参加して、他の読者と意見を共有してみてください。詳細情報:終末:UT教授は死が差し迫っていると言う - セガンガゼット-エンタープライズ地球は人間の人口の90%の減少を必要とし、テキサス教授は言うアメリカの医師や外科医の会合

re Pianka's ideas sound, silly or dangerous? Join the forum discussion and share your thoughts with other readers. More information: Doomsday: UT prof says death is imminent – Seguin Gazette-Enterprise Earth needs a 90% decrease in human population, Texas professor says –Association of American Physicians and Surgeons


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 ウィキペディア抜粋文 / Wikipedia excerpt

科学のテキサスアカデミーから2006識別テキサス·サイエンティスト賞ピアンカの受諾演説[13 ] [ 14 ]はフォレストMimsの、環境科学に関するアカデミーの部分の副議長は、のために社会に記載大衆紙での論争をもたらしたアマチュア科学者の電子ジャーナルピアンカは、エボラウイルスの空気中の株と病気を通して「人間の人口の90パーセントの排除を支持」していたザ·シチズン·サイエンティスト。 [ 15 ]

Texas Academy of Science speech[edit]
Pianka's acceptance speech[13] for the 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist Award from the Texas Academy of Science[14] resulted in a controversy in the popular press when Forrest Mims, vice-chair of the Academy's section on environmental science, claimed in the Society for Amateur Scientists e-journal The Citizen Scientist that Pianka had "endorsed the elimination of 90 percent of the human population" through a disease such as an airborne strain of the Ebola virus.[15]

MIMSはピアンカはその人口は人口が減少した場合には惑星は「ほう」になることを示唆している90%で、その減少した場合を除き、地球は生きていけないと言ったと主張した90%の死亡率まで過すエボラの変異株(率)が最も効率的な手段となります。 [ 16 ]発見研究所、ウィリアムデムスキー、でMimsの「関連会社はその後ピアンカの演説は、生物テロを扇動することを目的された可能性があること国土安全保障省に通知した。 [ 17 ]

Mims claimed that Pianka said the Earth would not survive unless its population was reduced by 90% suggesting that the planet would be "better off" if the human population were reduced and that a mutant strain of Ebola (which has up to a 90% mortality rate) would be the most efficient means.[16] Mims' affiliate at the Discovery Institute, William Dembski, then informed the Department of Homeland Security that Pianka's speech may have been intended to foment bioterrorism.[17]

これはオースティンピアンカにインタビュー連邦捜査局となりました。 [ 18 ]
ピアンカはMimsのは、文脈から彼の文を取ったことを、彼は単に現在の人口の傾向が続けば、単独での生物学的原理から起こり、彼はそれを実現するために提唱どのような方法ではなかったことだろうかを説明したと述べている。スピーチのホステッドテキサスアカデミーは、 、主張声明発売された「博士ピアンカの発言の多くは、深刻な誤解やセンセーショナルされています。 」 [ 19 ]

This resulted in the Federal Bureau of Investigation interviewing Pianka in Austin.[18]
Pianka has stated that Mims took his statements out of context and that he was simply describing what would happen from biological principles alone if present human population trends continue, and that he was not in any way advocating for it to happen. The Texas Academy, which hosted of the speech, released a statement asserting that "Many of Dr. Pianka's statements have been severely misconstrued and sensationalized."[19]

しかし、博士ケネスサミーは、 [ 20 ]のスピーチを観察アカデミーメンバーは、博士ピアンカが基調演説において炎症メッセージを配信することにしました」と言ってMimsの「アカウントのサポートの手紙[ 21 ]を書いたので、彼はすべき。フォレストMimsのプレゼンテーションに関しては何も偽っていなかったTASメンバーシップから多くの批判の受取人であることが驚くことではない。 "

However, Dr. Kenneth Summy,[20] an Academy member who observed the speech, wrote a letter[21] of support for Mims' account, saying "Dr. Pianka chose to deliver an inflammatory message in his keynote address, so he should not be surprised to be the recipient of a lot of criticism from TAS membership. Forrest Mims did not misrepresent anything regarding the presentation."

ピアンカはNBC-アフィリエイトKXANオースティン[ 22 ]に出演し、 「 2つのケーブルの話に火曜日を示し...試してみて、彼の名前をクリアするために」しています。ピアンカは、部分的に言った彼のテキサス大学のウェブサイトに説明を掲載: [ 23 ]

Pianka has appeared on NBC-affiliate KXAN Austin[22] and "on two cable talk shows Tuesday ... to try and clear his name". Pianka posted an explanation on his University of Texas website that said in part:[23]


have two grandchildren and I want them to inherit a stable Earth. But I fear for them. Humans have overpopulated the Earth and in the process have created an ideal nutritional substrate on which bacteria and viruses (microbes) will grow and prosper.


We are behaving like bacteria growing on an agar plate, flourishing until natural limits are reached or until another microbe colonizes and takes over, using them as their resource. In addition to our extremely high population density, we are social and mobile, exactly the conditions that favor growth and spread of pathogenic (disease-causing) microbes.


I believe it is only a matter of time until microbes once again assert control over our population, since we are unwilling to control it ourselves. This idea has been espoused by ecologists for at least four decades and is nothing new. People just don't want to hear it... I do not bear any ill will toward humanity.


However, I am convinced that the world WOULD clearly be much better off without so many of us... We need to make a transition to a sustainable world. If we don't, nature is going to do it for us in ways of her own choosing. By definition, these ways will not be ours and they won't be much fun. Think about that.



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Earth needs a 90% decrease in human population, Texas professor says


A popular professor at the University of Texas at Austin tells students that human beings are turning Earth into 吐at, human biomass,?while leaving the planet 菟arched.?
The Planet would be better off with 90% of human beings dead, Professor Eric Pianka believes.


Pianka was named the 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist by the Texas Academy of Science.He is a specialist in herpetology and evolutionary ecology.

「地球の人口が増加している "と彼は言った。 "我々は環境収容力 - そこに十分なリソースがありませんに到達したときに我々はポイントが表示されます。「彼は現在の65億の人間があまりにも多くあり、7億正しい番号はないかなと考えている。 人間の生活は、彼が考えている、そのようなトカゲやバイソンなど、他の生命よりももっと価値ではありません。

The Earth's population is growing, he said. We will see a point when we reach the carrying capacity-here aren't enough resources. He thinks the current 6.5 billion human beings are too many, and 0.7 billion would be about the right number. Human life, he thinks, is no more valuable than other life, such as lizards or bison.

ピアンカはそれらのそれぞれが9人を埋葬するようになるだろうことを、陽気に、彼の学生の聴衆に伝えます。 "これは本当にエキサイティングな時間です​​。"

Pianka tells his student audiences, cheerfully, that each one of them will get to bury nine others. This is really an exciting time.

この大規模な虐殺を達成するための主な候補は、エボラウイルスである、とすぐに空気感染する能力を進化として、ピアンカは述べています。(ジェイミー·モブレー、セガン官報 4/2/06)。

The prime candidate for achieving this massive genocide is the Ebola virus, as soon as it evolves the capacity for airborne transmission, states Pianka. (Jamie Mobley, Seguin Gazette 4/2/06).


Another mechanism for the Apocalypse, suggested by many others including Al Gore, is catastrophic, human-caused global warming, which is supposed to inundate coastal population centers. Alternately, cutting energy use below the level needed to sustain the current population could accomplish significant culling even if it did not measurably affect global temperatures. Stabilizing or reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels could help contain or partly reverse the 堵reen revolution in agriculture, which permits the increase in human biomass.




 The Commies Are Thinning the Herd

JDロングストリートによる (バイオ·アーカイブ)
By J.D. Longstreet (Bio and Archives)


It is said that “green” is the new “red.” Red, in this case, denotes communism.


The environmental movement, the greens (or Greenies), is sort of like a watermelon. Like that delicious melon, the environmental movement is green on the outside, but red on the inside.


And they really don’t like homo sapiens. If fact, they seem set upon a goal of eliminating as much of the world population of homo sapiens as they possibly can.


As a homo sapien myself, I find that disturbing and more than a little irritating, frankly.


The concern I have for these less than illuminated intellects has dogged me for some years and on more than one occasion I have written about these concerns.


Have you noticed the common thread running through all the dire warnings and predictions and prognostications coming from the Greenies? Sure you have. You couldn’t miss it… unless you have been mesmerized by the hypnotic avalanche of Marxist propaganda re-labeled as environmental concern and thrown at you from all sides day in and day out.


Well, OK. There is always that ten percent who do not get the word, as we used to say in the Army. So here is the message buried in plain sight in all the green propaganda: Humans must go! The planet must be cleansed of all human life! Humans are parasites on the earth and must be eradicated! Genocide!


Whoa!!!! That’s heavy, man! Yeah, it is. And it was in your face all the while and you did not see it! The Greenies view the human race as a toxic virus to the earth.


Look, we have, what, six billion plus humans on the earth right 2014-01-02 (木) 18:55:38 It is an ungovernable lot. There are too many people to rule. So, like all good disciples of animal husbandry, the Greenies know the remedy: the herd needs thinning.

Greenies / Commiesは男がに起こって、すべての悪いことの原因であることを何十年も私たちに説教されてきた「母なる地球」。

The Greenies/Commies have been preaching to us for decades that man is the cause of all the bad things happening to “Mother Earth.”

これを見て:人為起源の温室効果ガスは、20世紀の後半に地球の地球の平均気温の明確化のほとんどを担当していた可能性が非常に高い「ほぼすべての専門家は、それがあることで合意した」 "。

Look at this: “Nearly all the experts agreed that it is “very likely that anthropogenic greenhouse gases have been responsible for most of the unequivocal warming of the Earth’s average global temperature in the second half of the twentieth century.”

またはこの:Or this:

「地球規模の気候変動は、主に人間の活動によって引き起こされていることを認定された気候科学者の間には意見の相違は基本的にありません。「 はい、私たちは、科学者たちはすべて地球温暖化/気候変動が発生していることに同意していることを知ったかぶりオールズのもの賢明地球温暖化によって語らいる男による。

“There is essentially no disagreement among accredited climate scientists that global climate change is caused primarily by human activity.” Yes, we’re told by those enlightened Global Warming know-it-alls that scientists ALL agree that Global Warming/Climate Change is caused by man.


We get it, already! Global Warming is all Man’s Fault! GEEZ!



Now, these are just a couple of samples of thousands, if not millions, of articles out in the ether, in cyber space, on the ’Net. And these are quite tame.


The point of all this, in my opinion, is that the Greenies believe there are simply too many people on the planet to govern.


And, yes, it is highly improbable they will tell you that.
That would force them to openly admit to their advocacy of a one-world government.But it is, nonetheless, item number one on their their agenda.


Since I believe the goal is to actually bring all the nations of the world under one governance, then crowd control is called for… and necessary. The most efficient way to thin the herd is to have the herd participate in the thinning. Better yet, encourage them to do it themselves!

"あなたはそれがどのように一体を行うのですか、 "あなたが求める? 「任意の数の方法は、 「私は答える。

“How the heck do you do that,” you ask? “Any number of ways,” I answer.

のためにDDTの使用をインスタンスバー·マラリア対策は第三世界の国々で何百万人を殺すことができます。または、彼らは石油が不足している、地球の住民を説得して、世界中の「石油戦争」を扇動、最終的にはより多くの何千何百万人を殺し。製品を製造するために食用作物を燃焼によって引き起こされる世界的な飢饉に追加、我々は言われて、 「権力はつまり-BE 」製品が、今ではありません理解し、また、これまでになるにもかかわらず、石油系燃料の開催されます、石油からのエネルギーに代わるのに必要なエネルギーを生成することができる。最終目標は、飢餓を通じて何百万人を殺すことですので、しかし...それは、問題ではありません。

For instance—bar the use of DDT and allow Malaria to kill millions in third world countries. Or convince the inhabitants of the earth they are running out of oil and instigate “Oil Wars” around the globe, killing off more thousands and eventually millions. Add to that worldwide famine caused by burning the food crops to produce a product, we are told, will take the place of petroleum based fuels, even though the “powers-that-be” understand the product is not now, nor ever will be, able to produce the energy necessary to take the place of energy from oil. But… that doesn’t matter, because the end goal is to kill off millions through starvation.

その後、間伐聞いた - 家族計画 - かなど、私はそれ中絶を知っているのが超ステルス方法がある。ただ何百万人ものの赤ちゃんを殺し、あなたは、布、それらを、それらを養うために必要はありませんか、またはそれらを支配しようとします。それが働いている!

Then there is the super-stealth method of thinning the heard—family planning—or as you and I know it—abortion. Just kill those babies by the millions and you never have to feed them, cloth them, or try to govern them. It’s working!


OK… so I’m paranoid! What difference does it make if you ARE paranoid, or not, if they truly ARE out to get you???

究極の目標は、それは私には思われる、単一の政府が地球を制御できるように、管理可能なレベルにまで、地球の人口をもたらすことです。 (あなたはいや...頼む前に、私はスズ箔の帽子を身に着けてないです...そしてはい、私は今朝私のクスリを取るでした! )

The ultimate goal, it seems to me, is to bring the earth’s population down to a manageable level so that a single government can control the planet. (And before you ask… NO, I am not wearing a tin foil hat… and YES, I DID take my meds this morning!)

「 SOYLENTグリーン」 :この全体の地球温暖化/気候変動の動きと題し、1973年に戻った映画のことを思い出す。映画は2022年に設定されています。 (ちょうど10年後! )過密地は飢えており、存在してSOYLENTグリーン、レッド、イエローと呼ばれる政府製造された食品に依存しなければならない。

This whole Global Warming/Climate Change movement reminds me of a movie made back in 1973 titled: “Soylent Green”. The movie is set in 2022. (Just ten years from now!!) An overpopulated earth is starving and must depend upon government manufactured food items called Soylent Green, Red, and Yellow to exist.

しかし、殺人事件の捜査の中で、 COPはSOYLENTグリーンの隠し味を発見する。それは、他の人間の肉です。政府は、群れが彼らのためにそれを行うことを可能にすることによって「シン群れ」への道を発見した。

But in the midst of a murder investigation, a cop discovers the secret ingredient of Soylent Green. It is the flesh of other humans. The government had discovered a way to “thin the herd” by allowing the herd to do it for them.

世界は充填されている「有用馬鹿。 「彼らは公共の認識とお世辞のためなら何でもします。彼らも、でも自分の世界を破壊しようとする者たちにサービスを提供します。彼らは、人類が彼の故郷の惑星を破壊していることを彼らの同胞を説得する運動をリードします。

The world is filled with “useful idiots.” They will do anything for public recognition and adulation. They will even serve those who would destroy, even THEIR OWN WORLD. They will lead movements to convince their fellowman that mankind is destroying his home planet.


Yes, they ARE idiots… but… they are USEFUL to those who pull their strings!


There is no denying the impact the Greenies have had on our society, especially here in America. Perhaps the most egregious poster child for the green movement/communist movement in America is the US Environmental Protection Agency. In my estimation, they have done more harm to our society that any good they may have done for our environment.

私は新しい大統領が2013年に着手してもらいたい第一の行動の中で、EPAの廃止である。 (瞬時に!国内ゲシュタポ、国土安全保障省の廃止に続く予定)しかし、私はどちらかの希望を見越して、私の息を止めていません。

Among the first actions I’d like to see a new president undertake in 2013 is the abolishment of the EPA. (To be instantly followed by the abolishment of our domestic Gestapo, the Department of Homeland Security!) But I won’t hold my breath in hopeful anticipation of either.

私は、自分の死および/または仲間の人間の死を要求する動き/原因に何人かの人々を魅了して何を理解したことがありません。 (注意点は、当然のことながら、自分の国の軍隊でのサービスとなります。 )

I’ve never understood what attracts some people to movements/causes that demand their own death and/or the deaths of their fellow human beings. (A caveat, of course, would be service in the military of one’s country.)

ワン世界政府:あなたは環境保護主義者の哲学が本当に共産主義の哲学であることを理解するときには、全体の動きの背後にある本当の理由への洞察を得るために始める。 1世界の政府が、共産1 、世界政府だけではなく。彼らはとして参照「グローバル·ガバナンス」

When you understand that the Greenie philosophy is really the communist philosophy, you begin to gain insight into the REAL reason behind the entire movement: One-world government. Not JUST a one-world government—but a COMMUNIST one-world government. They refer to it as “global governance.”

あなたも食品で見つかったラベルに、テレビで、ポスターに環境保護主義者のスローガンを見るときだけスイカを覚えて、アプライアンスは、自動車、事実上すべてのものは購入しています。 「緑」の内側にあるもののためだけのカモフラージュです。共産主義の「赤」 。

Just remember the watermelon when you see the Greenie slogans on posters, on TV, even on labels found on the food, appliances, automobiles, practically everything you purchase. The “green” is just camouflage for what’s inside. The “red” of communism.


Longstreet is a conservative Southern American (A native sandlapper and an adopted Tar Heel) with a deep passion for the history, heritage, and culture of the southern states of America. At the same time he is a deeply loyal American believing strongly in “America First”.

彼は(ラジオ、テレビ、新聞に貢献する) 」フィールドに"と"オンエア"ニュースの記者と保守的な放送解説者として放送事業の30年のベテランです。

He is a thirty-year veteran of the broadcasting business, as an “in the field” and “on-air” news reporter (contributing to radio, TV, and newspapers) and a conservative broadcast commentator.


Longstreet is a veteran of the US Army and US Army Reserve. He is a member of the American Legion and the Sons of Confederate Veterans. A lifelong Christian, Longstreet subscribes to “old Lutheranism” to express and exercise his faith.


Other articles by Longstreet are posted at “Omega Dispatch”



 How to thin out the humanity of the World

グレートカリング - 世界の過疎
The Great Culling - Depopulation of the World


 抜粋文 / Citation


Do not think for a second that your own government would not kill you in a heartbeat. Our government has done so many atrocious things to its own people and especially to our own brave men and women in uniform.


Each time we go to war the Military makes it mandatory that our service men and women get certain vaccinations and such to supposedly protect them from Bio-weapons and other bad things. When in fact the Military is simply experimenting our our brave men and women of uniform.


I have many friends who have served in the war and have serious medical conditions resulting from the medications and vaccinations they were given while serving. When you serve in the military you cannot refuse these vaccinations or they will throw your ass in the Brig (Military Jail).


The same goes for every government of every country in this world. They have experimented on the populations for many years and still continue to do so. As you may have read from my page entitled "Death from Above", you will understand that the government sprays these chemicals in the air known as Chemtrails to kill off the population. It is what is called a soft kill.


Yes, instead of just dropping a bomb in your front yard, they will just spray chemicals in the air for you to breathe so that you will die sooner than you should have. Here in Florida the Chemtrails are very bad. This is because many of the elderly come from around the United States to live in Florida where the weather is warmer and kinder to their arthritis and many other ailments.

政府は人々を殺し開始するためにこれが主なターゲットである。それは、メディケア、メディケイドおよび社会保障の当社のコストを削減しますので、はいああ、私たちは昔の人々を殺してしまうでしょう。これは、この現在のイベントを思い起こさせる。 1,800人以上の退役軍人は、 CBSニュースによると、 HIV、肝炎、および汚染された歯科用器具を通して、いくつかの他の疾患への暴露の可能性を彼らに警告するミズーリ州セントルイスにあるジョン·コクランバージニア医療センターからの通知を受けています。

So this is a prime target for the government to start killing off people. Ah yes, we will kill off the old people so that will cut down on our costs of Medicare Medicaid and Social Security. Which brings to mind this current event. More than 1,800 Veterans have received notices from the John Cochran VA Medical Center in St. Louis, Mo. warning them of the possible exposure to HIV, hepatitis, and several other diseases through contaminated dental instruments, according to CBS News.

手紙は2009年2月から2010年3月の間、歯科の仕事を受けた患者に関係。ベテランは、B型肝炎、 C型肝炎、およびHIVのための自由なスクリーニングを提供される。

The letters concern those who received dental work between February 2009 to March 2010. Veterans will be offered free screenings for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV.


There are many other methods that the government is using to kill off or cull the population. Understand that when the world defeated Hitler, the USA took in most all of the Nazi Scientists to work for us who were experts at killing and experimenting on humans. Need I say more?

我々の政府は、彼らが何を食べる、あなたの健康を気にして、あなたの体に何を置くように行動するふりますが、彼らはそれが面白いではないたわごとに満ちている。彼らはあなたが彼らが以前の生活の中であなたを殺すのに役立ちます食品に悪いことを置くための責任を負うものでまだ食べるものを気にするふりこの法律に置く。彼らはまた、タバコの製造に反対している、まだ彼らはそのような、RJ 、これらの企業とベッドの中で、本当にあると言うレイノルズ。

Although our government pretends to act like they care about your health, what you eat and what you put in your body, they are so full of shit it is not funny. They put on this act pretending to care about what you eat yet they are the ones responsible for putting the bad things in food that will help kill you off earlier in life. They also say they are against the manufactures of cigarettes yet they are truly in bed with these companies such as R.J. Reynolds.

我々の政府は、米国と米国の制御を転送するために、大量死やけがの原因とアメリカをポピュレート解除する人工遺伝インフルエンザパンデミックウイルスと強制ワクチンプログラムを利用して、米国の人々に対して大量虐殺を実行する上で意図です(中国、カナダ、英国、メキシコなどの国から国連軍)国と提携治安部隊。世界保健機関(WHO) 、国連だけでなく、このようなバクスターやノバルティスなどのワクチン会社は - - 戦略的なリーダーシップを与え、また、開発に資金を提供した人のコア犯人グループの制御下で、単一のシステムの一部である証拠多くの組織があります米国の人々を排除し、その新しいのすべての部分である北米などの資産、リソースの制御を獲得するために、バイオ兵器物質と質量予防接種を正当化するために、製造および人工ウイルスのリリース世界秩序の議題。

Do not ever get flu vaccines for yourself or your children!
Our Government is intent on carrying out a mass genocide against the people of the United States by using an artificial genetic flu pandemic virus and forced vaccine program to cause mass death and injury and depopulate America in order to transfer control of the United States to the United Nations and affiliated security forces (UN troops from countries such as China, Canada, the UK and Mexico). There is proof many organizations – World Health Organization, UN as well as vaccine companies such as Baxter and Novartis – are part of a single system under the control of a core criminal group, who give the strategic leadership, and who have also funded the development, manufacturing and release of artificial viruses in order to justify mass vaccinations with a bio-weapon substance in order to eliminate the people of the USA, and so gain control of the assets, resources etc. of North America which is all part of the New World Order agenda.

 The H1N1 Swine Flu Virus was a big joke.


Our government tried their best to create a pandemic but it failed. They used the Media which they control to push this and to create panic in the masses so everyone runs out to get this vaccine. You see our CIA creates the viruses. The Virus just did not appear out of thin air.

そこで、彼らはウイルスを作成して、彼らは実際にかなり早いあなたの人生を終了しますワクチンであるはずの治療法を作成します。 Plusでは、CIAと政府は、彼らが針スルー行きますので、小さいですインプラントを作成していることを理解する必要があります。あなたはあなたにどのような種類のワクチンを取得するときだから、また、インプラントを得ている。彼らはあなたがどこにいるのトラックと何をやっているを維持することができますので、これらのインプラントです。

So they create the Virus and they create the supposed cure which is a vaccine which will actually end your life much earlier. Plus you must understand that the CIA and government have created Implants that are so tiny they will go thru a needle. So when you get you Vaccine of any kind you are also getting an implant. These implants are so they can keep track of where you are and what you are doing.


They can also use these implants to control the thoughts of the masses. These implants are so small that they can only be seen under a microscope. So even your Doctor does not know this and if you ask him he will deny it. Trust no one in the Medical Industry.



Ah yes, good ol' aspartame. This is used as an artificial sweetener in almost everything imaginable. Your Diet Coke, your sugar-free gum, the list goes on and on. Aspartame is a dangerous chemical. They will tell you that this chemical has been deemed safe by 90 countries worldwide.

FDAはあなたに彼らはあなたが聞きたいものを教えてくれます。 FDAは、主要な茶番であることを理解しています。これまで彼らが薬を承認した理由を不思議に思うだけFDAは現在、認可されたこれらの薬は、体内であらゆる種類の問題を呼び出していることを数年後に調べるために安全であること。

The FDA will tell you that which they want you to hear. Understand that the FDA is a major farce. Ever wonder why they approved drugs and being unsafe only to find out a couple years later that these drugs that the FDA approved now calls all kinds of problems in the body.


The FDA approves that which they are given money to approve. They are not concerned about your health. They are just as corrupt as the government. It is all about money just like the whole medical system is about money and nothing more than a scam. aspartame is composed of aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol. The aspartic acid acts as a neuroexcitatory agent.


When NutraSweet is digested, it yields 10% methanol (wood alcohol). The wood alcohol (methanol) is widely distributed throughout the body including brain, muscle, fat and nervous tissue. It is then metabolized the form formaldehyde which enters the cells and binds to proteins and DNA.

これらの知見は多く、何度も確認されており、 DNA - タンパク質 - クロスリンクは、実験動物において癌を引き起こすと考えられているが、ヒトにおける癌産生と関連している遺伝物質に変化する。細胞性突然変異を呼び出すためのアスパルテームの能力は、研究に示されており、アスパルテームの使用に関連することを示唆している悪性脳腫瘍の増加が存在すること。それは、がん細胞中の遺伝子損傷のために知られている興奮剤である。 1最後の音に:アスパルテームも男性は、滅菌することが知られている。このように、再び人口を減らし。

These findings have been confirmed many, many times and the DNA - protein - Cross links are believed to cause cancers in experimental animals changes in the genetic material is associated with cancer production in humans. The ability of aspartame to call cellular mutations has been shown to studies and that there are increases in malignant brain tumors that suggest to be associated with use of aspartame. It is a known stimulant for cancer and genetic damage in the cells. On one last note: aspartame is also known to make men sterile. Thus once again cutting down on the population.



This food additive is truly bad for the body. It is in almost everything you will find in your kitchen cabinet. It is a Substance added to foods and beverages that literally stimulate the neurons in your brain to death causing brain damage.

それはちょうど、MSGではありません。そのまた、アスパルテーム(ニュートラスイート) 、加水分解タンパク質、システインやアスパラギン酸のような他の興奮毒である。加工食品を購入する際にとても注意を払っています。食品の多くのブランドはそこにあなたがそれらの中に、MSGまたはこれらの他の化学物質を持っていないことを購入することができることがあります。

It is not just MSG. Its is also other excitotoxins such as Aspartame (Nutrasweet), hydrolyzed protein, cystein and aspartic acid. So pay attention when buying processed foods. There are many brands of food out there that you can purchase that do not have MSG or these other chemicals within them.

私はあなたにそれがあなたのために悪いです最大の理由を教えてくれます。それはおそらく、食品増強剤として開発されましたが、実際には脳を下にダミーに設計されています。はい、それはあなたが愚かなように設計されています。 MSGはほとんど洗脳化学のようなものです。それは、政府がメディアソーススルーあなたの喉を押し下げることがらくたするあなたが影響を受けやすくなります。

I will tell you the biggest reason why it is bad for you. Although it was supposedly developed as a food enhancer it actually designed to dummy down the brain. Yes it is designed to make you stupid. MSG is almost like a brainwashing chemical. It makes you more susceptible to crap that the government pushes down your throat thru the media sources.


So you can ignore my warnings and go about your everyday life. Or you can wise up and give a big middle finger to the government who allows this shit to be put into your food supply.

 がんについての真実:The truth about Cancer:


the truth about cancer is that there has been a cure for cancer for many years. Just as there has been a cure for the common cold since before the time that I was even born. Once again it is all about money and keeping the population down. If there was a cure for cancer then there were to be a lot more people in the world.


If there was a cure for cancer then there would be a lot less money for the drug companies to make. So do not waste your time sending money to cancer charities were walking these marathons to raise money for cancer awareness. What they need to have is awareness for ignorance.


It is time to wake up people and realize that the government is not on your side and neither is the medical industry. I believe it is a great thing to donate money to children who have terminal cancer. I believe it is a good thing to donate money to help them materialize their last wishes before they leave this physical plane. So yes some charities like the "Make a Wish Foundation" are truly awesome!


But sending money to help agencies find a cure is a joke. These agencies already have government funding from your tax dollars. Any time one of these agencies stumbles across something new that might help with cancer, the government will step in and squash them like a bug.


The government simply cannot have everyone living completely healthy for endless years. It would cost them too much money and once again overpopulate the world. Our government has had cures for many different diseases. You need to also understand that it is our government and CIA who has created many of these diseases in order to cull the population. Here are some other big ones created by our CIA.

エイズ...政府/ CIAが作成した「カル」人口
Aids... created by the government/CIA to "Cull" the population

エボラ...政府/ CIAが作成した「カル」人口
Ebola... created by the government/CIA to "Cull" the population

マールブルグ...政府/ CIAが作成した「カル」人口
Marburg... created by the government/CIA to "Cull" the population

Marburg haemorrhagic fever (MHF)


If you are looking for cures for diseases, you need to look within your own self. Disease cannot live in a body filled with Light. Therefore if your body is filled with Darkness or I should say the absence of Light then you are a prime candidate for disease.


This does not mean you are an evil person. It simply means that you have not stepped up your vibrations and become more spiritual therefore you are not filled with Light. This has nothing to do with religion. This has to do with your body of Light. Your chakras and your aura along with your vibrational rate.


Therefore, do not spend your money on charities that are searching for a cure. That is like sending your money to help people develop an alternative fuel for our cars. Ever notice that every couple years you will hear of somebody coming up with an alternative fuel and then you never hear from them again.


Yes that's right, the government steps in and squashes their ass. The government does not want them interfering with their oil money. The same goes for cures for diseases. The government does not want you to stop their culling of the population or designing a medicine that they themselves cannot make money off of.


There are many charities out there worth giving money to so don't get me wrong. Just make sure you know where your money is going and what it is going for. If it is to help someone who is dying and that is a good thing. If it is to help some agency find a cure, then do not waste your money.


はい私たちの政府は、以上の可能性が高いとすぐ別の"偽の旗」攻撃が作成されます。これは我々の政府は、これらのテロリストを訓練し、彼らが多くの人々を殺すことを可能にする911のようなものです。彼らはそのような戦争に行くか、 (あなたをスパイするために使用される)あなたの保護のためにどこでもカメラを設置など多くのことを正当化することにするためです。それが1回で多くの人々を殺すしめる彼らはすぐに、おそらくバイオ化学的性質の別の攻撃を作成します。

Yes our government will more than likely soon create another "False Flag" attack. This is like 911 where our government trains these Terrorist and allows them to kill many people. This is so they may justify many things such as going to war or installing cameras everywhere for your protection (which will be used to spy on you). They will soon create another attack probably of a Bio-Chemical nature so that it will kill off many people in one shot.


Do you realize that someone could use something so simple as a redneck potato launcher to hurl a couple of Bio Weapon grenades into a Super Bowl stadium and it would kill almost everyone in that stadium? Trust me, there will be something of this nature that will soon happen.


Our government will allow it to happen so they can Cull the people and then put more control measures in place that they will state is for your protection when all along it is designed to control and keep track of you! Isn't life wonderful?


Take note that the CIA trained Osama Bin Laden and has trained many others so that they can cull the population and create fear. Remember this is a Fear based world.


これまで我々は内にある戦争のいずれかの明確な勝利勝者が決してないことに注意してください?皆さんの多くは、これを理解していないと私はあなたがメディアの言葉と何があなたの人生を通して語られるで住んでいるのであなたに言うつもりだものを受け入れるない場合があります。ほとんどすべての戦争は、 2つの理由のために作成されます。

Ever notice that there is never a clear victorious winner in any of the wars that we are in? Many of you do not realize this and you may not accept what I'm going to tell you because you live by the word of the media and what you are told throughout your whole life. Most all wars are created for 2 reasons.


The first reason is to fund World Bank's and weapons builders. The other reason is to simply "cull" the population. And when I say culling the population, I mean killing off our own brave men and women in uniform. Most of the wars we fight, the opposing governments are actually on the same side.


They are told by the illuminate who is to fight who and so forth. This does not mean wars from long ago such as the Civil War or anything before that time in history. This means every war that has ever been fought in recent times. Ever listen to one of our presidents such as George Bush or Obama speak about the war?

彼らは、 「我々はこの戦争に勝つしようとしている」と言うかもしれない。しかし、誰「私たちは "ありません。あなたはデプレが表示されません。そこに彼の手に武器を持つ第一線で。いいえ、あなたは制服を着た私たちの勇敢な男性と女性は、彼らが私たちの国を守ると思われるもののためにラインで自分のお尻を入れてください。これは軍の人はあなたと主張するだろう最大のものである。

They may say "we are going to win this war". But there is no "we". You don't see the Pres. out there on the front lines with a weapon in his hand. No, you see our brave men and women in uniform putting their ass on the line for what they think is defending our country. This is the biggest thing that a military person will argue with you.

彼らはアメリカの自由を守っていると言う。彼らは何を知らないことは私たちのCIAは、これらのテロリストやエイズを養成し、彼らが密室で彼らと本当に友達であるために我々の敵のほとんどを遵守することである。それは武器ビルダーやヘルプ·ファイナンスの世界の銀行のための資金を提供し、それは "カル"人口私の友人をため、もう一度これは。それは、目を覚ますと、これを実現するための時間です。

They say they are defending America's freedom. What they do not know is that our CIA trains these terrorists and aids and abides most of our enemies for they are truly friends with them behind closed doors. Once again this is because it provides money for weapons builders and help finance world banks and it "culls" the population my friends. It is time to wake up and realize this.


It is all controlled by the illuminati. I do not wish to discredit anyone who is putting their asses on the line for what they think is freedom. For you are truly the brave. Do some real research and study on the illuminati and how they control all governments of the world. Then you will understand that you are not fighting for freedom. You are only feeding the rich and culling the population. Once again, this is why you never see a clear Victor in any recent wars be it Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

はい、我々は独裁者からイラクを解放する助けている可能性があります。しかし、我々は本当に明確な勝利を獲得したことはありません。誰もがそれはジョージブッシュシニア、クリントン、ジョージ· W·ブッシュやオバマになるかどうか、これらの社長は非常に暗い血統がすべてであることを認識し、それらはイルミナティによって制御されると。これらの大統領は、彼らは血統により選択され、選出されていません。あなたの投票は絶対に何も意味しない。

Yes we may have helped liberate Iraq from a dictator. But we truly never won a clear victory. Once everyone realizes that whether it be George Bush Senior, Clinton, George W. Bush or Obama, these presidents are all of a very Dark bloodline and they are controlled by the illuminati. These presidents are not elected, they are selected by bloodline. Your vote means absolutely nothing.


Voting is nothing more than a joke on you to make you think that your opinion means something. All government officials be it Democrat or Republican work for the illuminati. These are very Dark Reptilian/Draconian beings. They are the biggest criminals on the face of this earth. Most of them are involved in blood ritual sacrifice and pedophilia. These are your true Satan worshipers. These are the assholes that are in charge of the world we live in.


Let me also clarify one thing. I stated that they were Dark Reptilian/Draconian beings. However, understand that not all Reptilian/Draconian beings are Dark or Evil. This is the same that applies to any race of ET's or humans. [#x61bee1d]

あなたは、あなたの良いものを持っていて、存在するすべてのレースであなたの悪いものを持っている。私は、より高い人間が言われているようにも、特定の人または人間は悪ではありません。彼らは、 「見当違い」である。我々は、すべての目的は、極性のバランスを保持するために、それが暗い、または明るいことに役立つためにここに来ました。 *はい私を除いするため、これは難しいですが、それは私が私を見た人たちによって何度も言われているものです。

You have your good ones and you have your bad ones in every race that exists. Also, as I have been told by Higher Beings, certain people or Beings are not Evil. They are "Misguided". We all came here to serve a purpose be it Dark or Light to hold the balance of polarities.* Yes this is hard for me to except but it is what I have been told many times over by those whom watch over me.


This page was not intended to create "Fear". It was intended to wake your ass up! Pay attention to the world around you in detail. Take your damn blinders off. Do not accept that which your government tells you as truth. Do not walk around each day like a robot programmed by the government.

注意を払っていないし続ける人のために、あなたは "羊"であり、あなたが「カリング」となります。イルミナティに勉強をいくつかやって起動し、あなたの人生は、あなたはそれが思ったことはないことを驚かれることでしょう。だから今行くと目を覚ます。新世界秩序は、私たちの上にある。エリートがあなたに何をしようとしているかについての詳細を調べる。

For those who continue to not pay attention, you are the "Sheep" and you will be "Culled". Start doing some studying on the illuminati and you will be amazed that life is not that you thought it was. So go now and wake up. The New World Order is upon us.
Find more information on what the Elite are going to do to you.


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