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Alien Messages

エイリアン メッセージ


記事はページの後半にあります。The second half of the article page


The Two Most Important Alien Messages: Decoded


 I. The Chilbolton 'Arecibo message' Formation

ポールVigay(RIP)の記事 - アレキサンダー光によって追加や相関関係
 A Paul Vigay (RIP) article - additions and correlations by Alexander Light

火曜日2001年8月21日には二つの新しい作物の形成はハンプシャー、英国のチルボルトン電波望遠鏡の近くで報告された。どちらも、見て非常に印象的だったし、空気が認識可能な形状を形成さから見て、小さな「ピクセル」、多数のから成って - 他の多くの作物の形成とは異なり。

 On Tuesday 21st August 2001 two new crop formations were reported near Chilbolton radio telescope in Hampshire, UK. Both were very impressive looking and consisted of a large number of small 'pixels', which when viewed from the air formed a recognisable shape - unlike many other crop formations.


 One represented a 'human face' and the other resembled a radio transmission that SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) sent from the Arecibo radio telescope in 1974.


 This latter formation will be examined in this article, in which I hope to not only describe and explain the original transmission, but also to examine and decode a number of significant changes occurring in the crop formation.



 After speaking to witnesses, it would appear that the 'Arecibo' formation was created on August 20th. Although I could roughly make out the binary pattern of the formation from aerial photographs, some aspects were not quite clear enough to discern individual 'digits'. Therefore I visited both formations myself (they are about 200m apart in the same field) on Saturday 25th August 2001."


 An interesting interpretation of the 'human face' crop formation comes from researcher and writer, Wayne Herschel. In his vision, the face resembles that of the Egyptian Sphinx and Viracocha, a prea-Inca god. But the most thought-provoking resemblance is to the famous Mars Face.



 アレシボメッセージ / The Arecibo message


 "First, I will give some background to the original message sent from Arecibo, back in 1974. Arecibo is on the northern coast of Puerto Rico and contains a natural disc-shaped hole in the rock. Inside this bowl was constructed the world's largest radio-telescope, with a diameter of 1000 feet.


 In 1974 a number of modifications had been carried out to the transmitter, enabling it to broadcast signals at a power of up to 20 terawatts (1 terawatt = 1 trillion watts) and as an inaugural test of these improvements it was decided by SETI to transmit an encoded message to the heavens. This signal was aimed towards the globular star cluster M13, some 25,000 light years away and consisting of some 300,000 stars in the constellation of Hercules.

メッセージには、実際には11月16日1974年送信され、バイナリコードの1679パルス(0と1)で構成された - 送信するために3分弱かかりました。これは、(後で重要である)2380MHzの周波数で送信されました。

 The message was actually transmitted on November 16th 1974 and consisted of 1679 pulses of binary code (0's and 1's) - which took a little under three minutes to transmit. It was transmitted on a frequency of 2380MHz (which is significant later).

 なぜ1679年の数字? / Why 1679 digits?

この理由は、数学までです。 1679は、2つの素数のユニークな製品です。そのような素数、化学元素周波数および進数として - 23と73でも十分にインテリジェントな生命体は間違いなくユニークな、普遍的構築物について見ないだろう。私たちは私たち自身に完全に異なる知性と通信しようとする可能性があるため、私たちは等センチメートル、フィート、十進数としての「人間」のシステムの観点で話すことができないことを忘れないでください

 The reason for this is down to mathematics. 1679 is the unique product of two prime numbers; 23 and 73. Any sufficiently intelligent lifeform would no doubt look for unique, universal constructs - such as prime numbers, chemical element frequencies and binary digits. Don't forget that because we could be trying to communicate with an intelligence completely different to our own, we cannot talk in terms of 'human' systems, such as centimetres, feet, decimal numbers etc.

23の正方形を73四角で - 乗算する場合にのみ2つの素数23と73ので、あなたはマトリックスグリッドに変換された場合に1679年のみ、信号を配置するための単一の方法があり得る作り出す。

 Because ONLY the two prime numbers 23 and 73, when multiplied together, produce 1679 there can only be a single way to arrange the signal, if you were converting it into a matrix grid - 23 squares by 73 squares.


 The original binary code is shown in figure 1.


  • The original binary code is shown in figure 1.

 バイナリ符号化 / Binary coding


 In order to fully understand the message encoded in the transmission, it's essential to understand the binary code. This is actually much simpler than our base 10, decimal system. Whereas in base 10 we count from 1 to 9 and then carry 1 into the 10's column and start again in the units column, until we've got 9 in the 10's column and 9 in the units column. Then we have to carry 1 into the 100's column and start again in the 10's and units columns, and so on and so on.

ので、すぐに私たちは超えよう - バイナリの各列は、私たちは急速にカラムを通って移動するので、列は等私たちが唯一の1と0に対応することができるので単位、2の、4の、8の、16年代は、2の累乗で上がる1私たちは、次の列に運ぶ。バイナリでカウントするたとえば、表怒鳴るを参照してください。

 In binary each column goes up in powers of 2, hence the columns are units, 2's, 4's, 8's, 16's etc. Because we can only deal in 1's and 0's, we rapidly move up through the columns - because as soon as we exceed 1 we carry into the next column. For an example of counting in binary, see the table bellow.


  • figure 2 (bellow)


 You can now see a graphical pattern depicted by the 1's and 0's of the code. For clarity I've converted this into black squares (representing 1's) and white (empty) squares (representing 0's). You can see that viewing it like this, makes the actual message a lot clearer, as shown below, in figure 3 (bellow).


  • figure 3 (bellow)


 This is where a slight puzzle becomes visible. By performing the steps described above, the literal translation of the original pulses is on the left of figure 3. However, the image printed in a couple of my books is that shown on the right of figure 3.

これは私のコーディングの正確な左右鏡像である。私は図3の右側に示すように、両方が同じパターンを描く2冊の本をチェックしているが、 - 私は、これはおそらく本が印刷に行ったとき、未気づいなったエラーであることを疑う。

 This is an exact left-right mirror image of my decoding. I suspect that this is possibly an error which went un-noticed when the book went to print - although I have checked two books which both depict the same pattern as shown on the right of figure 3.


 The pattern which occurred in the Chilbolton crop field, is the same image as shown in the books (ie. the one on the right of fig.3 and the mirror image of the original decoding). This could imply that IF someone hoaxed the formation, they copied the incorrect pattern printed in a book.

個人的には元のバイナリ列の私の解釈に正しいように見えるしない - 23x73グリッドに変換するのではなく、右から左に行くときに代わりに、私はマッピングによって元のパルスを変換している可能性がありますが、左から右へ。

 Alternatively, I may have converted the original pulses by mapping left to right when converting into a 23x73 grid, instead of going from right to left - which personally doesn't seem correct to my interpretation of the original binary sequence.

誰もがこの矛盾を説明することができるなら、私はあなたの意見を聞くのが大好きだ。しかし、私は物理的に圃場に敷設されたパターンを指すものとする。この記事の残りの部分の目的のために。実際のコードに関係なく、それがとにかくオリジナルまたはミラーイメージをのかどうかの変わらないので、結果は同じです - バイナリ符号化は変更されないままである。

 If anyone can explain this discrepancy, I would love to hear your comments. However, for the purposes of the rest of this article I shall refer to the pattern physically laid in the crop field. The results are the same because the actual code remains unchanged irrespective of whether it's the original or a mirror image anyway - as the binary coding remains unaltered.
 元のメッセージのデコード / Decoding the original message


 The original message was comprised of several 'sections', each depicting a particular aspect of 'our civilisation'. At the top are binary representations of the numbers one through to ten, interestingly showing the numbers eight, nine and ten as two columns. This shows anyone decoding the message that we can specify that numbers too large to be written on a single line can be 'carried over'.


 The next section contains the binary values 1,6,7,8 and 15 which indicate the atomic numbers of the primary elements for life on Earth; Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Phosphorus respectively.


  • decrypt+our+message.gif


  • Arecibo+dish.jpg


 The larger section of three rows, represents the formulas for the sugars and bases in the nucleotides of DNA. Beneath this is a graphical representation of our DNA 'double helix' either side of a 'straight vertical bar' which indicates the number of nucleotides in DNA.

人間 - - 体と両腕と両脚(少し棒人間のような)と直接DNA二重らせん下記お問い合わせの小さな表現である。左側には、地球の人口のバイナリ値である。これは戻って1974年ヒューマノイドフォームの右側には、大まかに世界の集団である、人間の高さのためのバイナリコードである、とほぼ42.9億を計算することができます。

 Directly below the DNA double helix is a small representation of us - humans - with a body and two arms and two legs (like a little stick man). On the left is a binary value of the population of Earth. This can be calculated as roughly 4.29 billion, which is roughly the population of the world, back in 1974. On the right of the humanoid form is a binary code for the height of humans.

私たちは(そのようなフィートとインチのように)「人間の測定では通信できないため、高さは'波長単位」で表されます。前述したように、実際のメッセージは、2380MHzで送信された。メートルの波長を得るために、私たちは300に分割した波長にこれを変換するには。 300/2380=0.12605042メートル=12.6センチメートル。これが私たちの「波長単位」です。

 Because we cannot communicate in 'human' measurements (such as feet and inches) the height is represented in 'wavelength units'. As mentioned earlier, the actual message was transmitted on 2380MHz. To convert this into a wavelength we divide into 300, to obtain a wavelength in metres. 300/2380 = 0.12605042m = 12.6cm. This is our 'wavelength unit'.

人間の高さのためのコードからは、値がバイナリの1110または進数で14であることがわかります。私たちは、波長単位(12.6)で14を掛けると私たちは "5'9176.4センチメートルの入手、およそ - 人間の平均身長を。

 From the code for the height of a human, we can see that the value is 1110 in binary, or 14 in decimal. If we multiply 14 by our wavelength unit (12.6) we get 176.4cm, or roughly 5'9" - the average height of humans.

私たちが住んでいる - 次のセクションでは、私たちの太陽系の単純化した表現である。それは、太陽と9つの惑星、サイズのおよその代表を示している。地球 - わずか三惑星を動かすことにより、何かが太陽から三番目の惑星約有意であることを強調している。

 The next section is a simplified representation of our Solar System - where we live. It shows the sun and nine planets, roughly representative of size. By moving the third planet up slightly it highlights that something is significant about the third planet from the sun - Earth.

アレシボ電波望遠鏡、湾曲した構造体である - 最後のセクションでは、メッセージ自体の起源を示している。この下に、メッセージの最後の2行のように、別のバイナリ数である。今回はそれが100101111110(中央に2行に分割)だと進数で2430に相当します。または約1000 '、アレシボ電波皿の直径 - 繰り返しますが、私たちの普遍的な「波長単位」を使用して私たちは2430*30618センチメートルで12.6センチメートルを取得します。

 The last section depicts the origin of the message itself - the Arecibo radio telescope, which is the curved structure. Underneath this, as the last two lines of the message, is another binary number. This time it's 100101111110 (split onto two lines in the centre) and equates to 2430 in decimal. Again, using our universal 'wavelength units' we get 2430*12.6cm which is 30618cm - or approx 1000', the diameter of the Arecibo radio dish.

 Differences between the message sent in 1974 and the one received in 2001



 (Left: what we sent in 1974 / Right: what we received in 2001)

  • 2529.png

 What's different in the Crop Formation?


  • 22.jpg

広範な分析の後、私たちはチルボルトンでの作物のフィールドと私たちは、私は後になるまでどんな解釈を離れなければならない1974年に星に送信元のメッセージに表示されるものの間で主要9矛盾を発見したが、今ちょうど違いを強調するためてきた。私は実際に正確にバイナリコードをチェックするために、地上の形成を訪問したまで、これらの変更の正確な詳細は確認できなかった - 読み取り値が0として作物と1のように作物の広場に立って平らに。

 After extensive analysis I have discovered nine major discrepancies between what we see in the crop field at Chilbolton and the original message that we transmitted to the stars in 1974. I shall leave any interpretation until later, but for now just highlight the differences. The exact detail of these changes couldn't be confirmed until I actually visited the formation on the ground, in order to accurately check the binary code - reading flattened crop as a 0 and standing crop squares as 1's.


 Rather than point out the differences in order of importance or anything, I shall merely start at the top of the pattern and work downwards.


 The numbers 1 to 10 appear exactly the same in the formation.


 However the atomic numbers indicating the prevalent elements making up life on Earth, has an additional value inserted into the binary sequence. This is precisely added in the correct location, and in the original binary code (therefore it can't be a mistake). Decoding from the crop formation, this additional element has an atomic number of 14 = Silicon.

下がる、次の変更は明白一つです - DNA二重らせんの左側に余分の鎖からなる。もう、あまり目立たない、変化が(中央)のDNA自体のヌクレオチド数のバイナリ符号化である。あなたは上の図を見ると、私は赤い四角を使用することにより、右側のより正確な変更を強調し、作物の形成に変更されている「数字」を示すために、概要を説明しました。

 Moving down, the next change is an obvious one - consisting of an extra strand on the left side of the DNA double-helix. Another, less obvious, change is in the binary coding of the number of nucleotides in DNA itself (in the center). If you look in the diagram above, I've highlighted the changes more accurately on the right, by using red squares and outlines to indicate which 'digits' have been changed in the crop formation.


  • conclussion.jpg


 There are quite significant changes to the shape of the humanoid, which becomes almost 'alien-like' and to the diagram of the Arecibo dish. For clarity, I've not bothered going over these in red because the differences are easily apparent.

今、ETは何かのいずれかの側、「人口」の図とも高さの値の両方に変更があります。後者は、私たちは、これが本来の「波長単位'を掛けた場合、私たちが得るバイナリに今1000、または88*12.6センチメートル=100.8センチメートル"大体3'4である - 面白い、これがET目撃証言と相関するからである。

 Either side of what is now an ET, there are changes to both the 'population' figure and also the height value. The latter is now 1000 in binary, or 8. If we multiply this by the original 'wavelength unit' we get 8*12.6cm = 100.8cm which is roughly 3'4" - interesting, because this would correlate with ET witness accounts.

この下に、私たちは太陽系チャートに追加の変更に気づく。太陽から三番目の惑星は現在、「ハイライト表示」だけではない。 4番目と5番目も同様である。第五にも3つの追加の「ピクセル」を、より一層強調されるように思われる。

 Below this we notice additional changes to the Solar System chart. The third planet from the sun is not the only one 'highlighted' now. The fourth and fifth are as well. The fifth even appears to be emphasised even more, with three additional 'pixels'.


 Lastly, what was representative of the Arecibo transmitter in the original message is even more cryptic and would imply a diagrammatic version of the formation which appeared in the same field at Chilbolton last year, in 2000. This can be viewed in my database, reference uk2000ee.


 The binary code for the size of the transmitter is also altered. I'll leave the reader to work out the new value.


 (Writer: Paul Vigay. Additions and correlations: Alexander Light)


 What does it all mean?


  • Correlations.png


 Almost exactly one year prior to this message, in the same crop, this formation appeared:


  • 02.jpg


 This is clearly a representation of their "telescope", as depicted in the 2001 message.


 II. Gray Extraterrestrial holding a disc


  • zzeta.jpg


  • alien.jpg

Sparsholt、ハンプシャー、イギリス。 8月21日、2002。

 Sparsholt, Hampshire, England. August 21st, 2002.


 The message within the disk was deciphered using the standard 8 bit binary code known as ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange). The cipher starts at the center of the disk and spirals outward counter-clockwise, this is also the same read pattern that a compact disc or DVD uses.

 レーザーはのCD / DVDを読み込む方法の例:

 Example of how lasers read CDs/DVDs:


  • cd-dvd.gif

 メッセージのデコード:Decoding the Message:


  • Alien+M.jpg


  • 02.png

 III。メッセージ訳:III. The Message Translated


  • disk1.png


 The empty spaces represent the binary number of ZERO and the blocks represent the binary number ONE. Using this cipher we get the following message:

私たちは詐欺に反対している。コンジットクロージング。 0x07の"};''

 "Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.Much pain, but still time. Believe there is good out there.We oppose deception. Conduit closing. 0x07"


 The binary code of 0x07 at the end of the message would produced a bell sound similar to that of an old typewriter / bell sound (Example: DING!).

 正確な建造タイプ:Exact Construction


 Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.


 Much PAIN but still time.BELIEVE.


 There is GOOD out there.We OPpose DECEPTION.
Conduit CLOSING (Ding!)


  Is this a friendly message from benevolent beings?


 The message sounds friendly enough and it's just what we want to hear. But personally, I'm almost certain that this is a deception, and you will see why. Those who study or already are in contact with extraterrestrials (or other benevolent beings), know that our Government collaborates with a malevolent specie of grays which we know as Zeta Reticulans or Reticulans (they inhabit a binary solar system known as Zeta Reticuli).


  • Reticuli.png



 The Reticulans and the Alpha Draconians (commonly known as Reptilians) have been in contact with our Governments for ages. The Reticulans are responsible for all the abductions and mutilations (both human and animal), while the Reptilians are those behind our leaders. They are using our Governments to control and enslave our species.


 If you are familiar with my work, you know that almost all my history lessons are connected to the Reptilians and their control over the human species. There are also two prominent constellations mentioned by our ancestors, and most of the times they are connected to the extraterrestrial "gods": The Pleiades and Orion's Belt. Even more interesting, the Illuminati are literally obsessed with these two constellations and what they represent.


  • belt.png


 (The Orion's Belt is composed of 3 Stars. Two of them are aligned, while the third is a little offset. Image from Google Sky 2011, showing a picture from 2007).


 Now back to our crop formation picture:


  • Circle.jpg


 Notice anything strange? How about the three Stars behind the Alien? They look like Orion's belt, but do they match its alignment?


  • Alien.png


 As you can see it's a perfect match. But what does this mean? Are the alien visitors positive beings from/around the Orion Constellation or is this a malevolent trademark?


 It's not easy to draw a safe conclusion, but my instinct says this is another deception. Why would a benevolent specie want to connect a peaceful message to Orion's Belt?


 The elites know it is just a matter of time until they will have to disclose the existence of extraterrestrials. But they have one more trick in their sleeves! They plan to present those who enslaved us for generations, as our saviors: the Reticulans and the Reptilians.


 The greatest killers and deceivers are always presented as heroes, while the real heroes die in obscurity. Exactly the same will happen regarding the alien beings. Our enslavers will be presented as heroes, while the benevolent beings will be presented as our enemies.


 Few years ago an ancient painting was found in a cave in Uzbekistan:


  • 01.png

フライングディスクは、明らかに顕著であると地球外幸福に怒鳴る。 ETは、白黒の床の上に、最も顕著なイルミナティの兆候の一つ歩く。フォアグラウンドでは、壊れたヘルメットと宇宙飛行士がわかります(または獣のいくつかの種類を?)。宇宙飛行士 / 獣は彼の左手で同様のディスクを保持している。たぶん画家は、今後のイベントについてのビジョンを持っていた?終末論的なシナリオを提示塗装洞窟はありますか?

 A flying disc is clearly noticeable and bellow it an extraterrestrial being. The ET walks on a black & white floor, one of the most prominent Illuminati signs. In the foreground we can see an astronaut with broken helmet (or some kind of beast?). The astronaut/beast is holding a similar disc in his left hand. Maybe the painter had a vision about the upcoming events? Is the cave painting presenting an apocalyptic scenario?


  • 02.png


 If the character in the foreground is an astronaut with a broken helmet, then his head is being sucked out through the hole. May this represent a planet without an atmosphere? The ET in the background also seems to be wearing some kind of helmet.


 We can also see sings of destruction and a large planet in the sky (about three times bigger than the Sun).

時間だけが真実を教えてくれます。一方では、あなたが信じているものに注意してください! バランスの取れた、愛情の滞在、あなたは常に真のパスを見つけるでしょう。

 Only time will tell the truth. In the meanwhile, please be careful what you believe!Stay balanced and loving and you will always find the true path.


 Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com;

©Copyright 2013 Humans Are Free @ HumansAreFree.com


(英語)ION LED時計は外国人のコードのように見えます。

(English) ION LED watch looks like a alien code.



 Sam says: I thought about what is possible with the idea I had for the Invasion LED watch concept and made some changes. This is how the Ion was born.



 The reading rules are the same.You have to find the clockwise end of the circle segments. Those represent a number position in an analog watch display.The inner circle shows the hour, the middle circle shows ten minute increments and the outer circle shows the remaining single minutes.So it's a radial digital 12-5-9 watch.The opposite end of the circle segments is, again, just for decoration. Then the 12th or 6th hour ought to be shown, or if a minute is 0 or 6, the circle segment is so small, is becomes a dot.


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