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Alien History


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10,000 B.C.

Along the Chinese-Tibetan border, the Dropa Stones indicate what some believe to be an ancient alien crash-landing. While exploring some curious caves in the Himalayas, an archeological professor and his students came across small tombs, which held the skeletons of several 4′ 4″ creatures. There were no gravestones but instead hundreds of foot-long disks with holes in the center and grooves spiraling out from the holes. Beijing’s Dr. Tsum Um determined the grooves contained hieroglyphics that told a tale of a group, the Dropas, who crashed on earth. The Dropas attempted to befriend local tribes but were instead killed by the primitive humans who shunned them for their inhuman appearance.


3000 B.C.

The word Vimna has multiple meanings in Sanskrit including flying machine. In multiple ancient texts dating back to 3000 B.C., Vimnas are described as flying not just in our own atmosphere but beyond, into space. Often used as vehicles for Hindu gods, perhaps the Vimnas were in fact vehicles for space creatures.


1300 B.C.

Ancient hieroglyphics tell of a supernatural event that took place in Egypt during the rule of Pharaoh Thutmose III. According to the carvings, a circle of fire appeared in the sky one night and then multiplied over the course of the next few days. The circles then ascended into the sky, headed south, and disappeared. Is this one of the first written accounts of alien visitation?


1180 A.D.

700 years before the West began using the term “flying saucer,” the Japanese reported seeing flying “earthenware vessels.” One such object was seen in the Kii province where it appeared near a mountain, reversed and disappeared into the horizon leaving behind a glowing trail of smoke. The Japanese government even conducted an official investigation into the repeated sightings but, in what may be the first instance of a government lying about UFOs, the official outcome of the investigation was that “it is only the wind making the stars sway.”


Late 1400s

Tear your eyes away from Mother Mary’s serene expression in “The Madonna with Saint Giovannino” by Domenico Ghirlandaio and direct your attention to the back right corner. There in the sky is a disk floating in mid-air and, below it, an earthbound man and his dog (silhouetted) looking up agog at what could be an early depiction of a UFO.



In the painting by Flemish artist Aert De Gelder, “The Baptism of Christ” (1710) depicts Jesus and John the Baptist bathed in a warm light beamed down in rays from a disk in the sky. While some think that De Gelder was incorporating a UFO that he saw with his own two eyes, others suspect that De Gelder never saw an alien ship, but was instead inspired by a long history of extraterrestrial paintings hidden away by the Church.


Upon examining the skeletal remains of one of France's greatest and smallest French rulers, Napoleon Bonaparte, scientists were baffled when they discovered a half-inch long object that appeared to be a microchip. Some, including Dr. Andre Dubois, believe that this is proof that Napoleon was abducted by aliens. "Napoleon vanished from sight for several days in July 1794, when he was 25," Dubois says. "He later claimed he'd been held prisoner during the Themidorian coupbut no record of that arrest exists. I believe that is when the [alien] abduction took place."


Back then, an account of an attempted alien abduction was reported in the local newspaper in Stockton, CA. Colonel H. G. Shaw claimed that while he and another man were driving in his buggy, they came across a landed spacecraft. They stopped and were approached by three tall and thin humanoids. Their skin was covered in a fine, soft hair. According to Shaw, the creatures attempted to kidnap the two men but he and his friend were able to fight them off. The report coincided with accounts of mystery airships in California, which were said to have giant wings, move faster than anything that existed at the time, and were manned by humanoid figures.


Three months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Californians were vigilantly monitoring the skies for signs of Japanese attack. On the night of February 24, hundreds reported seeing a large UFO over Los Angeles. Thought to be an air strike, the sky was soon lit up with searchlights, which quickly found the giant hovering object. The craft was hit with anti-aircraft fire but suffered no apparent damage. The UFO floated south towards Long Beach and vanished. To this day, the true nature of the ship is unknown, but the event has been immortalized in UFO history as the Battle of Los Angeles.


Probably the most infamous and controversial extraterrestrial event in modern history, the crash of an unidentified flying object in Roswell, New Mexico is considered by many to be proof of life on other planets. However, for decades, hard evidence seemed impossible to find. In July 2012, Chase Brandon, who claims to have worked for the CIA for 25 years, confirmed that "it was not a weather balloon - it was what people first reported," as he told the Daily Mail. "It was a craft that did not come from this planet."


The alleged alien abduction of Brazilian farmer Ant�nio Vilas-Boas was one of the first eyewitness accounts to garner worldwide attention. While plowing the fields one night in order to avoid the heat of the day, Vilas-Boas saw a red star in the sky, which began growing in size as it descended, finally becoming recognizable as a spacecraft. Vilas-Boas ran and hopped onto his tractor, but he was no match for the five-foot tall humanoid in grey coveralls, which grabbed him. Three more beings helped the first take the panicking farmer onto their craft. Once inside, Vilas-Boas says the creatures took his blood and that he was induced to have intercourse with a female creature. After about 4 hours of tests, Vilas-Boas was taken off the vehicle with no apparent ill-effect.


When Betty and Barney Hill set off on a trip from their home in New Hampshire to Canada, they didn't know what a memorable vacation they were in for. While driving, the couple spotted what seemed to be an erratically moving star. Their curiosities piqued, the couple stopped and examined the star only to find that it was not a star at all but a spacecraft. The object moved towards them and the next thing they knew, Betty and Barney were 35 miles away from where they had stopped their car. Soon after, Betty began to have nightmares of alien creatures with grey skin and large eyes that probed and examining her. Under hypnosis, Barney revealed many of the same memories. The case is still studied to this day.


Two men wandering Siberia's frozen tundra came across what appeared to be the body of an alien. (The clip of the body, which can be seen on YouTube, has over 1.4 million views to date.) The body is decayed and damaged and partly buried in the snow. It has a purplish pallor, elongated almond-shaped eye sockets, and thin, gangly extremities. The area is a hotspot of reported UFO activity, which has led many to believe that the corpse is a remnant of a UFO crash. Could aliens be evolving?


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